• CIC nominated for Wego Awards


    It is a simple concept: through conversation we can create awareness, establish a course of action and design a community of support.  

    Internet radio show host and founder Tami Neumann created the program Conversations In Care to put that concept on the netwaves after listening to patients throughout her 15 years of involvement as a dementia specialist and care advocate. Those conversations with seniors and their families let her reenforced that idea it is not easy to navigate the senior care industry. To add to, Tami’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She learned quickly as a single parent who was taking care of a child with a chronic illness that their domestic life would be going through changes.

    In December of 2012 Tami launched Conversations In Care with the hope of bringing information to those that are also navigating the care industry in whatever form it takes.  Through out 2013 the show evolved and now explores a collection of topics such as senior health, Type 1 Diabetes and everything in between. It also host medical authors for discussions from time to time as well.

    After just a year "on the air" Conversations In Care has been nominated for 3 Wego Health Activist Awards: Advocating For Another, Health Activist Hero and Best In Show: Community/Forum. In response to the nominations, Tami had the following to say, "I am speechless to have been nominated after only a year of being on the air. Even if I am not a finalist, to know that I have helped someone while doing something I love is truly all the reward I need".

    The show currently broadcasts live on Wednesday’s at 8:30 am Central time.  However, it will be moving to Boost Radio Network in the next week and will have a time slot on Sundays.

    To tune in: http://www.BoostRadioNetwork.com/index.html

    To Learn more about the Wego Health Activist Award and Vote for Tami: