• Joe Roc | MIC & The Male Image

    "After being bombarded on the one side by He-Man, body building men and on the other side by acts like Rupaul and other pageants focused on the gay demographic I realized these are not the people I'm surrounded by", said Male Image Competition CEO Joe Roc, "there was nothing for average, mainstream men."

    The Male Image Competition is set to kick off on October 27th in The Meadows Club of Rolling Meadows, Illinois. At the event attendees will be able walk the grounds and observe booths from participating vendors that are offering up products and services for the regular guy. Sure, it's no big to us what we look like, but ladies like eye candy too...or at least a little effort.

    "Just because men look good doesn't mean they're metrosexual or gay or something...women want their men to look good", noted Roc. "It's all about the image" is the MIC slogan and to the event organizers this means good health, hygiene, and style. This is the event for those men out there that pride themselves on this maintenance.

    With difficulty in originally naming the contest, Roc found himself describing his plans to others and the phrase "It's a male image competition" kept surfacing. The name revealed itself. "We informally compete with others. The average guy goes unnoticed. This is a chance to be recognized formally for the mainstream male and to be rewarded and awarded."

    If you are interested in competing, having a booth on the trade show floor, or sponsorship for the event please visit their site for more details.

  • Recent Trip to Istanbul

    Recently, on a school trip to Istanbul, Turkey, I began to think about the technological wants and needs of a country.  Especially that of emerging market, like Istanbul.  From what I noticed, many people in the country owned a phone, but I mostly saw standard mobile phones, not a lot of smartphones.  


    While smartphones are available for purchase in Istanbul, I questioned why I was not seeing a lot of them.  The first thing that came to mind was “Do these people even want access to the internet?”  I also asked myself if most knew the capabilities of the internet.   Most of the shops I saw were individually owned specialty stores that were competing with 5 other stores like it in a 2 block radius.  Competition was extremely high and almost every price was negotiable.  Had these vendors ever heard of Ebay?


    Competition as high unlike that seen in America.  Most people looking to start a business are trying to find a place where there is little competition, not set up shop next to 4 other competitors.  


    Getting back to the technological wants and needs of a country, maybe what America needs is not more technology when it comes to purchasing, but more negotiating.  Why are only the the big ticket items negotiable and why should I believe that Amazon and Walmart are giving me the best price?


    However, to combat the point I just made, technology is the answer.  If Walmart gives one person a killer deal on an item, it won’t take long for that person’s whole news feed to want that deal, assuming he shares that information.  


    We seem to be a society that hates rejection but that is half of negotiation.  So, what do we have in place of negotiating: coupons.  Coupons make people feel that they are getting some special deal due to their smart shopping, with no chance of rejection.  

    With all access we have to information in this country, we may not be getting the best price, but the best fixed price within the market, unless you want to talk to a manager...