• Academic Showcase: Ivy Tech Northwest

    For this installment of the Duneland Innovators Academic Series I will be covering the Ivy Tech locations that can be found around the area. There are four locations in the Duneland area. These locations are the Gary Campus, Foundations of East Chicago De La Garza Campus, Valparaiso Campus and The Pejic Campus in Michigan City. These campus' make up what is known as Ivy Tech Northwest.

    Ivy Tech Northwest offers courses in six different schools:  Applied Science and Engineering, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Public and Social Services, and Technology. Most of these schools offer associate and bachelor degrees. There are continuing education courses available for those who want to further their education, however these courses are non-credited so no master or doctorate degrees are available. The schools have over 15,000 students enrolled at four locations. The Ivy Tech experience is one that enables people to obtain a highly valuable college degree without expending a great deal of time or money.

    I did have a chance to go to the Ivy Tech campus in Valparaiso and I have to say, I was quite impressed. The campus only consisted of one building, but the magnitude of this building was nothing to scoff at. The building consisted of a few floors and two wings, with a central hub connecting the two wings together, but the modern design of the building was what really impressed me. As a PNC student, I was a little jealous of the high-tech atmosphere that the Valparaiso Campus possesses. Something about this atmosphere struck me as a really great place to pursue a college degree. If you have a chance to visit the Valparaiso Campus I would highly recommend it.