• CES 2013 | Convention Culture


    Just after the new year, most people would assume Vegas business slows down down, but quite the opposite is true.  Consumer Electronics Show, which ended Friday, once again broke the 150,000 attendees mark, signaling the kick off of winter convention season switching into high gear.  January through March hold the highest volume of conventions/meetings and attendees for Las Vegas , which sees over 500,000 visitors a month, at a total of over 5700 events over the three month period. 

    “With more than four decades of success, the International Consumer Electronics Show reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables CE innovations to grow and thrive." - CES

    5 conventions in January alone draw over 350,000 attendees.  Those numbers may seem staggering, but with an average monthly volume of over 3 million total visitors and the availability of over 150,000 hotel rooms a night, Las Vegas more than accommodates the largest events.  

    The city has become a well oiled machine, by uniquely creating a community and culture largely based around hospitality in one of the most geographically inhospitable environments in the US. Not only does the revenue from conventions boost economic activity in lodging, entertainment, dining, retail, and transportation, but they are stable, mostly annual events, that can be counted on, especially during winter when general visitor volume is down the most.  The convention market and especially CES have become integral in helping push the evolution of hospitality forward in multiple ways. 


    "More than 2,000 companies enjoy the benefits of CEA membership, including legislative advocacy, market research, technical training and education, industry promotion, standards development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships." - CES 

    Also, Las Vegas is a perfect case study for the aforementioned sectors of business. A type of sky island, as much in a business sense as geographically.  Attendees to CES can see the latest and greatest gadgets from all over the world, while at the same time, be steps from witnessing a wide array applied technologies from retail/consumer to commercial. Watching a technologically advanced show, then stepping out into a casino with the latest slot machines, or crossing the street to a mall with high end shops, then dining at one of thousands of restaurants, all after a day networking with tech companies begins to paint a picture of just how readily available the opportunities for analyzing market trends and brainstorming for the future are.


    Mark Dudzik is the owner of Series Solutions based in Las Vegas. He moved west after graduating from Columbia college and freelancing around the Chicagoland region.