• Amazon: Small town shakedown?

    The other week it was announced that an Amazon warehouse would be coming to Chicagoland in the near future. What does that mean for the Northwest Indiana area? Unfortunately not much. This is due to the fact that Northwest Indiana’s shipments will continue to come from the Whitestown so that the state can collect sales tax on the products. But let’s take a look at what kind of effect the online retailer has had on the area as a whole.

    The ire of small business owners in the past decade has always seemed to be directed at Walmart and for good reason. It seemed like every time a Walmart came to a town, most of the small mom and pop retailers would be run out of business. Now, Amazon has quietly taken that title from Walmart. And the thing about Amazon is that they don’t have to move in since their business is entirely online.

    Amazon’s empire isn’t strictly limited to retail either. They have expanded to cover music and movie streaming, tablets, and potentially delivery in the future with their fleet of drones. And let’s not forget how they shook up the book industry with the Kindle. With Amazon’s numerous ventures some have called the company a monopoly that needs to be broken up.

    I don’t see them as a monopoly just yet. They are competing in various of industries with a lot of success, minus their recent smartphone debacle. However, I think we may want to revisit the monopoly conversation if their drone delivery program gets off of the ground.