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    On March 20th, Data Connectors brought their tech security conference to the Hyatt Regency at McCormack Place in Chicago, Illinois. The organization is a women-owned and operated company based in St. Louis, Missouri that hosts events all over North America including the United States and Canada.

    Though they do not host an event in northwest Indiana, their dates in Chicago and Indianapolis regularly attract attendees from the region. There are typically between 40 and 60 vendor booths from some of the largest tech security firms in the industry on display. Additionally, speakers from the host city are invited to give keynote presentations on topics such as cloud services, email security, VOIP, LAN security, wireless security and many other critical topics in the front of their peers.

    Co-Founder Kim Hakim sat down and gave Duneland Innovators some time to discuss Data Connectors origins and where they might go next. “We started about 15 years ago. The business really took off after 9/11. - We deal with all the major industry leaders in security, anyone you’d see on the shelves in Best Buy” Hakim continued with the follows comments, “Before this company I was in data sales, I was networking with some that was doing this. - We started with McAfee, they wanted us to do a series of events with them.” Things really took after after that, she added, “We do this conference in 52 cities all over the United States and Canada America, 1 or 2 shows a week.”

    When asked about further goals for the future Kim said, “We’ve pretty much tapped everything in North America. - I just had a few gentlemen walk up a few minutes and ask if we’d be interested in going to Saudi Arabia or Dubai. We’d probably continue to grow overseas."

    As mentioned in an earlier piece that focused on the CES event in Las Vegas, conferences that bring together industry professionals would be a valuable addition to the northwest Indiana region. These types of events would aid in putting our region on the map and make it a larger factor in discussions that go around the country. If you are interested in attending the next Data Connectors event near our area it will be August 21st in Indianapolis.


    Dawn Morrissey @MorrisseyDawn Managing Partner of Data Connectors @DataConnectors talks about how they got startedhttp://bit.ly/1sTooPo

    Posted by Duneland Innovators on Sunday, May 17, 2015