is a website based around the service of matching landlords with vacant properties to potential tenants that are seeking a new place to call home. Tawnya Thayer, a registered nurse from Argos, Indiana, owns and manages a number of properties. When the economy tanked at the end of the last decade she was faced with three simultaneous vacancies, the carrying costs can wreak havoc on the bottom line for property managers. Duneland Innovators recently met with Tawnya to discuss

"I did what you normally do, place an expensive ad in the newspaper," Tawya said before noting that even after the location is rented a few stranglers always call asking, "Do you still have this apartment?" The value was obvious leading Tawnya to think "I'm not going to throw these leads away...what am I going to do with this information?"

Using the newspaper she began matching these people to other ads and landlords felt it was worth paying for this service. "I started with three tenant names and one call to the paper and made money!", Tawya exclaimed. Over time she built up to 40 landlords and 500 tenants, people started asking, "Do you have a website?"

By starting local Indiana level and growing out is able to "do what the newspaper can't" as their slogan goes. The company is actively searching and matching users and if you call their number you'll reach a person direct, no automated service. They feel that many people today would rather use a free website than buy a newspaper.

Do you manage properties or want to move into a new place?


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