Do you currently own a small business in northwest Indiana? Maybe you've been thinking about starting a new venture or have a great idea for one? There is someone that in our region that can help you get started or move things in the right direction.

Lorri Feldt is the Regional Director for the Northwest Indiana district of the Indiana Small Business Development Center. "We are statewide, our region focuses on the seven counties of northwest Indiana. We help business take the next step" Feldt notes. With over 20 years of business experience, she is a wealth of knowledge for start-ups and business owners looking for insight.

There are three main reason why people seek out the ISBDC:

  1. Not happy with profitability
  2. Growing fast and need help managing
  3. Find customers

Lorri's job leads her to meet business managers where they are, she offers coaching and consultation in a council setting or on a 1-on-1 basis. "It's not easy starting a a business and most folks have some questions," she adds. The organization has a number of people available with skills vital for small business owners, such as people with expertise in law, finance and networking that like to see a businesses take off or turn things around.

"One thing that's interesting is the array of businesses we work with, in the morning it may be a flower shop or a business providing web services to other businesses or someone producing industrial components. That's part of the fun of this", Lorri emphatically says

The ISBDC can also provide data on retail spending, competition, for analysis and prospecting. Lorri adds, "You can use it to develop a plan". Big data is a popular topic right now and the fact that this organization is bringing it down from the stars to make it accessible and viable for small business is excellent.

Take advantage of the services being offered by Lorri Feldt and the northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center to improve the overall financial position of your business. Utilize them as a third party capable of offering an objective opinion about your business's situation and the environment it inhabits.


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