We are on the cusp of something special. A technological breakthrough that will really make us feel like we are living in the future. That breakthrough is self-driving cars and there are a number of companies vying for the top spot.

Google has been developing the technology for self driving cars for over ten years now. Combine that with their extensive Google Maps’ data and one quickly realizes that self driving cars have been on Google's radar for a very long time. However, they are not without challengers. Apple and Uber have recently thrown their hats into the ring, but they have some catching up to do.

What does all this mean for rural areas like Indiana though? Well, for one it hopefully means lower insurance rates for users of self-driving cars. What it also means is a more mobile society. Just imagine being able to send a kid off to an after school activity by just sending the GPS coordinates to the car. Then, being able to track the entire journey, knowing when your vehicle was going to be back safe at the homestead. The convenience of a self-driving car will definitely have people clamoring to get their hands on (or off) the wheels of one. I love the idea of having the flexibility of a car with the luxury of multitasking while riding to a destination.

So how safe would you feel driving down I-90 or I-65  with a self-driving car riding beside you? Self-driving car manufacturers are going to have to answer that safety concern without leaving any doubt in consumers minds if they want to be successful. There will likely be self-driving car wrecks and they will be highly sensationalized when they occur. However, I think that in twenty years self-driving cars will hold a majority on the roads of America.




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