This years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been getting coverage around the web and has generated a lot of buzz on Twitter. This year's products that are receiving the most acclaim are those that are personal and attempting to play nice with the emerging "internet of things."

Wearable or clothing augmenting items with locational and biometric capabilities seem to be trending heavily in 2013. The Pebble, a new smart watch that came to market via Kickstarter, is garnering praise after heavy anticipation. Some of the most interesting can also be the creepiest, like these e-utensils by Hapi. Could you imagine this thing making comments about that extra piece of deep dish from Gino's?

What does this all mean for those of us living around the Lake? Companies are making more products that monitor our behavior. Perhaps it's a move towards big brother. On the other hand many industries are looking for better analytics to serve customers better. Also consumers desire to improve their access to information in an effort to make better choices. In other words, if you haven't read Kurzweil yet....

Know any cool tech culture events going on around the region? Fill us in! The next big conference that gets national attention is SXSW.


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