Hello, I am the newest intern here at MWM.  I will be blogging on Duneland Innovators website, this is very exciting for me because of the site’s focus on breakthroughs around the Lakeshore.  Technology is a subject that I love to talk about and can’t get enough of, especially innovative apps and how different devices communicate with each other.  My hope is that I can share my thoughts on technology, that is in its infancy, and discuss what direction that it is going in next.

I hope to touch on the potential of these developments to be utilized by the majority of people in the everyday use.  This can range from new water purification units for 3rd world countries to things like Google Wallet and the politics behind it.  Also I hope to discuss any topics that the community feels are important or interesting.

Jake Szemanski is a Business Marketing and Management major from Penn State-Beaver Campus, which is located 40 minutes north of his hometown of Pittsburgh. He hopes to one day work in marketing or public relations for a major firm in the United States, preferably Lego.


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