For better or for worse technological advances have had an impact on almost every part of our daily lives. Smartphones keep us connected to everyone and everything. Speed cameras keep us safe and angry. Drones provide us with beautiful new overhead views, but also have forced governments to create legislation to regulate them. Another new technology is forcing governments to introduce legislation to counteract its unforeseen affects.

The technology I am referring to is E-Cigarettes. For those who do not know, E-cigarettes are different from regular cigarettes in a number of ways. The main difference is that E-cigarettes use a heating chamber inside a device that resembles a large pen to vaporize the fluid inside. Vaping is the main draw of E-cigarettes since it has been found to be safer than regular cigarettes. But E-cigarettes still are not safe, just safer than the current leading cause of lung cancer.

While some states have outlawed smoking altogether in bars in restaurants, Indiana still allows it. However, for bars that choose to be non-smoking, E-cigarettes can be a problem. Since using an E-cigarette is considered “vaping” and not smoking some users will try and get away with vaping in nonsmoking bars or nonsmoking areas. This is where the legislation needs to catch up to regulate vaping because the affects of the secondhand smoke from vaping is also very harmful, though the full affects aren’t known yet.

It would be nice if E-cigarette users would use common sense to see that E-cigarettes essentially have the same affect on nonsmokers as cigarettes, but that obviously isn’t always the case. And on top of that, the companies producing the fluids that are used in vaping aren’t heavily regulated by the FDA yet. This has led to some of these companies using dangerous chemicals in their fluids that have known to cause horrible damage to users.


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