Last week I took a look back at some of my favorite posts of 2015. This week I am going to take a look in to the future and writ about what I hope to see this year in the world of technology.

With smartphones being apart of almost every aspect of our life, I believe that technology that limits the use of smartphones at certain events will begin to gain popularity. Technology like Yondr does exactly that, it restricts access to smartphones in certain areas of concert venues. I have already been to some smaller comedy shows that would kick out people that used their phone to record video, since comedians didn’t want their new material getting out. Also, there is nothing more I hate than when a band plays their most popular song and sea of phones attempting to film the show come out of everyones' pockets. It really can take away from the experience and no one wants to see your low quality recording of a concert.

Everyone has almost certainly gotten a new credit card with chip-and-pin security feature in it by now, but the thing is that new security chip technology isn’t secure and it isn’t quick. Those issues can be addressed by NFC payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, but we are going to have to start using them in order to hit a larger saturation level at all our favorite retailers. So if everyone could add “use Apple Pay or Android Pay” to their New Years resolutions, that would be best.

Virtual reality and augmented reality were definitely on my radar last year, and think 2016 is the year that we will start to see some mainstream use of them in regards to video games. The Oculus Rift goes up for pre-order tomorrow and will ship sometime during the first quarter of the year. I believe that unlike motion controls, VR will enhance the gaming experience in simple and meaningful ways. However, it is likely to see success at the mobile level before a standalone device dominates the field.

While none of the technology I mentioned is necessarily new and ground-breaking, I believe that this is technology that we will see integrate more fully into our daily lives in 2016.


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