There are two main ingredients needed to run a successful small business; a great idea, and the resources to make that idea into a product or service that sells. Many small business owners have the great idea, but lack the resources needed to get it off the ground. Here in the Duneland area there are a number of location helping to remedy these kinds of problems. Business incubation sites around the region are focused on research, development and technology. These places offer businesses a place to focus on their research, collaborate with other business owners, use state-of-the-art equipment, and even manufacture products. I did some digging on these places to show you what they offer. 

The Tech Farm

The Tech Farm is situated just off of US 30 in Plymouth. This 40 acre technological playground is a result of a partnership between Vanco Development, the Redevelopment Commission of Plymouth, and the US Economic Development Administration. The Tech Farm is the perfect place for businesses involved in technology focused on agriculture but is also designed for those exploring the life sciences and light industry. The Tech Farm hopes to become a technological hub for these businesses where they can collaborate and advance together. Businesses can lease or own existing buildings or construct their own. The Tech Farm also offers collaborations with university progams and even has a 130,000 square foot health, fitness, and medical facility. One example of the firms at The Tech Farm is CSpine Inc. This company manufactures orthopedic equipment and develops prototypes as well. The Tech Farm is quite an impressive place and has great potential. They are currently calling out for businesses that focus on these technological areas to come and join in. 

Purdue Research Park of Northwest Indiana

Purdue has teamed up with Holladay Properties of South Bend to create AmeriPlex at the Crossroads, a community of technological based businesses, located in Merrillville. The Purdue Research Park of Northwest Indiana is located at the AmeriPlex at the Crossroads. This research park is an extension of the Purdue Research Foundation and comes with all the resources that the vast network Purdue has to offer. The Purdue Research Park is focused on world-class development on health care, advanced manufacturing, and technology based companies. It is already home to 38 different businesses that are geared towards life sciences, information technology, energy, and engineering. The Purdue Research Park offers incubation space for research and describes these places as reasonably priced and flexible. Companies that join the research park are treated to low-cost professional services and, in some cases, can even be complimentary. This place is an oasis for small business owners. With the ability to tap into Purdue's pipeline of resources, small businesses that would never have had a chance to succeed, now have a place to flourish in the technological garden that is the Purdue Research Park of Northwest Indiana. 

Life Works Business Park

Life Works Business Park is located in Michigan City and is the result of a collaboration with Indiana University Health, LaPorte Hospital and Holladay Properties. This park is spread over 40 acres and is accessible right off of I-94. It appears to be oriented towards life science and technology businesses. Land is available for purchasing or businesses can lease office space. Unfortunately, there is limited information on the web so for more information you will have to contact Life Works. 

Notre Dame Innovation Park

We have previously written about the Innovation Park, click  the title above to read it. The Duneland area is a place waiting to expand and explode. These research parks are giving small business owners a chance to do what would have been impossible for them before. Access to these resources and quality information is what can assist in their success. I would think small business owners would do well to jump on this opportunity while there is still a chance. 


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