Doesn't it feel great to be around intelligent folks that share a desire to both grow and expand their understanding of the world around themselves? Whether it is purely social or a business setting, interacting with people that just "get it" is stimulating. We need more opportunities like this in the #nwIndiana community.

There are lots of ways to get people together to share concepts and nurture their perspectives. It could be as simple as reaching out to some contacts and setting up an informal meeting with colleagues from different industry sectors.

This past Friday through Saturday representatives from Elevate Ventures hosted the first Startup Weekend in Northwest Indiana. This event encourages people with marketing, business and technical skills to team up and launch a unique business idea in 54 hours.

Business networking organizations such as ROI, which meets in a number of areas across Lake and Porter County, or BWUN are valuable ways to meet local professionals from the area.

"The Region" would really benefit by organizing conferences that encourage people from our area to meet and network. Better yet, attracting organizations from around the nation to hold their events here would incredible!

What other ways can you think to gather like-minded people together to exchange thoughts?


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