Kimberly Dobbins was on a sabbatical around the world and finding it difficult to acquire healthy food on her 42-day trip around the globe. While traveling she explored the personal direction that would be her life upon returning. This is when the idea to make great natural snack came to her. This mission in mind Simple Squares launched in January 2011.

Each treat contains only 5 ingredients and is free of wheat, gluten, dairy, soy or refined sugars. In fact the Squares are unfired, nothing has been above the temperature of 118°. Flavors options range between the savory and sweet with combinations of cinnamon-clove, rosemary, sage, and our favorite: coconut.

Simple Squares would make a great snack for hiking along the Duneland trails on our coastline. They’ll give you a nice energy boost when you’ve had a long day out in the world or in the office. Give them a try.


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