Websters Bags was founded 4 years ago by Connie Webster and is now based in Burns Harbor, Indiana. After gaining experience in the moving industry Connie took those 17 years of insight and developed the concept that has become the Webster flatscreen protection bag.

The bags come 5 different sizes ranging from the smalleest bag at 19" x 3" x 14.5 with a $79 price tag to the largest shaping up at 52" x 5" x 33" and $157 lighter in the wallet. The bags are made to be water-resistant, prevent mold and mildew, and are made of 100% breathable materials. Though they are currently offered on any retailers' shelf you can order direct from them: www.webstersbags.com

Personal inspection of earlier prototypes leads to appreciating the additional side pockets for cables and a small invoice or billing window. Also the placement of handles has been adjusted or removed in exchange for a shoulder strap.

Websters Bags also sponsors a program called "Honor Our Troops." Here the company raises money from sponsors and in turn provides a  bag to the soldiers returning home from duty.

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