Mystic Waters Media, a content development company based in Crown Point, is embarking on a rebranding initiative to better communicate their mission to the business community in the region. While the look of the brand will remain the same, some key terminology that is used to convey the message is evolving. The slogan that was used for the first year of operations was “People. Ideas. Opportunity.” and will now be the more mission expressive “Content Equals Connections” to kick off 2014.

Michael Finney, the Media Coordinator for Mystic Waters Media, sat down to discuss the development of the brand message and how it transpired.

Duneland Innovators: So why is Mystic Waters undergoing this branding transformation?

Michael Finney: Well, honestly, when the company was launching I knew that it was going to focus on creating media in some regard. I had prior experience working with a print publication as well as digital marketing for promotions that were offshoot projects under that umbrella. However, as 2013 rolled on it became more apparent what clients needed from MWM and what it does well for them.

DI: How have your core competencies changed since the founding of Mystic Waters?

MF: At the outset I was excited about the fact that it was possible to experiment with the various skills I had been exploring as a freelancer in the years prior. That was web design, print, graphics, social media, writing and other media development. A year in I feel that focusing on content, whether editorial or pictorial, is the direction to go now.

DI: What does “Content Equals Connections” mean in practice?

MF: It is a statement that reflects the way that media can be used to connect businesses with clients or customers. People are digesting their news and other forms of media via the Internet on computers and mobile devices at a rate that probably exceeds that of the printed form at any point. Mystic Waters can help a company find their voice and continue to publish at a rate that keeps them relevant.

DI: So what is ahead for 2014?

MF: There are a number of directives that are under the microscope during the first quarter of the year. As the parent company of this site, which is concerned with increasing the awareness of the technology scene, I want to acquire more clients that have their feet in the technology space here in the northwest Indiana region. Additionally, it is important to set a good example in terms of the media that we use in house so the official MWM website will see an overhaul that brings it up to speed with mobility in mind.


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